SASO inspires and mobilizes

boys and their mothers

to provide service and leadership that positively impacts the local communities.


 Welcome to the 2021-22 SASO year! We are very excited to begin SASO’s 9th year in Fairfield! First, thank you to all our returning members for your hard work and commitment. Our philanthropy partners are thrilled with SASO and so grateful for our contributions to their organizations!  Together, we fed many hungry people with food drives and sandwich making. We gathered necessities for people in need, designed our own events, and helped senior citizens. While this year was different due to COVID, our efforts had a huge impact on our local community as we assisted our philanthropies during this time of great need.


Also, welcome to all our new members! We hope you find membership in SASO to be rewarding. The more you put into SASO, the more you’ll get out of it. So please, jump right in and get involved! Members often find it easier to volunteer during the summer without the demands of the school year. Friendly reminder, all members are required to have 2 events completed by February. (This helps avoid the scramble in May for events to be eligible for renewal). Note: 3 events must be completed to renew membership in May.








SASO Partnerships







The President’s Volunteer Service Award is the United States’ premier award program to encourage service. SASO is certified to bestow this award to members who qualify.

It is awarded based on number of hours served during SASO membership year. Click here to learn more.